Coach Gillispie’s Lesson Plans for 12/11-12/15

Monday-Chapter 7 Lesson 2-4 War of Independence Two Armies face off. Discuss Patriots and Loyalists, War at Sea

Tuesday-Begin Chapter 8 Vocabulary Builder-Lesson 3 Ratifying the US Constitution, Constitutional Convention, Vysyirginia and New Jersey Plan, The Great Compromise, 3/5 Compromise, Slave Trade, Bill of Rights, Branches of Government, Checks and Balance System.

Wednesday-Finish up Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 Work,

Thursday-Semester Exam Review (Covering Chapters 2-8)

Friday- Go over Review and what day each class will be testing.

TEKS-4C,D,E 6A, 15A,B, 17A, 20A

Coach Gillispie’s Lesson Plans 12/4-12/8

Monday- Talk about Declaration of Independence, What was the reason behind the writing?

Chapter 7 Vocabulary Builder wksht

8th Grade Boys Basketball will be playing Waskom 6:30pm

Tuesday-Chapter 7 Lesson 1&2 The American Revolution

Wednesday- Chapter 7 Lesson 3 & 4  Wars at Sea, Fighting in the South, VIctory at Yorktown, Who is Cornwallis

Thursday- What Battles took place during the years of 313 AD-1784

Friday- Writing letters to soldiers for Christmas

TEKS- 1A, 4B, 4C, 7C, 10A


8th Grade Boys Basketball

Starting Monday November 13, 2017

8th Grade Boys will be in the Old Middle School Gym ready to practice

Will be wearing your issued shirt ,shorts , socks and have your own basketball shoes.

Practice will be during the period, and the several players will be chosen to stay after school for more practice.

If you have signed up for Basketball you are to give 110% all the time everyday.

Knowing ahead of time there will be an ‘A’ and ‘B’ Team.

Remember the saying “I BELIEVE”, that is what this program stands for.


Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 11/13-11/17

Monday-Colonial Era Review handed out for the students to work on

First Day of 8th Grade Basketball Practice.

Tuesday-Go over Colonial Era Review in class (Round Robin Game)

Wednesday- Colonial Era Test (covers Chapter 4 and Chapter 5)

Thursday- Vocabulary for Chapters 6-8(will be covering the American Revolutionary War)

Friday-Turn in Vocabulary(will have a quiz)

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY lesson plans 11/6-11/10

Monday-French and Indian War Presentation (work on in class)

Tuesday- Finish up presentations ( will start presenting Wed)

Wednesday-1st,2nd period will present presentations (other classes tomorrow due to field trip)

Thursday- 4th,5th,6th,7th period will present presentations over French and Indian War.

Friday- Rap up with two films over the French and Indian War.


Final 8th Grade Football game this week on Thursday,

will have a “B” game at 4:00 followed by 7th grade A followed by 8th Grade A 4:30 and 5:30

On Friday 8th Graders playing Basketball will be talked to during each class period.

Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 10/30-11/3

Monday- Chapter 5 Vocabulary Builder- Class will be in groups making a crossword using vocabulary words.

Tuesday- Chapter 5 Lesson 1 and 2 Tobacco and Slavery

Wednesday- Chapter 5 Lesson 3 and 4 Immigration, Family roles,Great Awakening, Rivalry between French and British.

Thursday- Chapter 5- Class will research the French and Indian War (give presentations on Friday)

Friday- Class presentations on French and Indian War.

TEKS-2A, 3AC, 4A, 11A, 23A

Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 10/16-10/19

Monday- Chapter 4- New England Colonies   Lesson 2 Guided Reading Assignment

Mayflower Compact, Protestant, Puritans, Catholic, Pilgrims, Separatist, Jamestown

Discuss Religious Freedoms of the Early Americans

Tuesday-Chapter 4 – Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey, State Governments, Trade

Lesson 3 Guided Reading

Wednesday- Chapter 4 Southern Colonies. Virginia, Maryland, Indentured Servants, Slaves, Plantations, Carolinas, Georgia

Lesson 4 Guided Reading Assignment

Thursday- Group Project Assignment over the 13 colonies.

Friday Students have no school

Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 10/9-10/13

10/9-Begin Chapter 4 and 5 – Colonial America (Jamestown and Roanoke)

How the Colonies came about who were the founders and what lured the settlers to these places?

TEKS 2AB, 3B, 11A, 23AC, 25AB      Video over Pocahontas

10/10- Who is Walter Raleigh, Pocahontas, Mayflower Compact, Squanto, New England Colonies, Southern Colonies

Middle Colonies, Peter Stuyvesant, Dutch West India Company, Willam Penn.

10/11- Foldables of Colonies   What year and events lead to the discovery of the colonies.

10/12- Map the Thirteen Colonies, Label the names of each colony, name the founder, and Indian tribe in each.

10/13- Quiz over the 13 colonies, Students will be given a map and asked to label the 13 colonies.