Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 10/16-10/19

Monday- Chapter 4- New England Colonies   Lesson 2 Guided Reading Assignment

Mayflower Compact, Protestant, Puritans, Catholic, Pilgrims, Separatist, Jamestown

Discuss Religious Freedoms of the Early Americans

Tuesday-Chapter 4 – Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey, State Governments, Trade

Lesson 3 Guided Reading

Wednesday- Chapter 4 Southern Colonies. Virginia, Maryland, Indentured Servants, Slaves, Plantations, Carolinas, Georgia

Lesson 4 Guided Reading Assignment

Thursday- Group Project Assignment over the 13 colonies.

Friday Students have no school

Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 10/9-10/13

10/9-Begin Chapter 4 and 5 – Colonial America (Jamestown and Roanoke)

How the Colonies came about who were the founders and what lured the settlers to these places?

TEKS 2AB, 3B, 11A, 23AC, 25AB      Video over Pocahontas

10/10- Who is Walter Raleigh, Pocahontas, Mayflower Compact, Squanto, New England Colonies, Southern Colonies

Middle Colonies, Peter Stuyvesant, Dutch West India Company, Willam Penn.

10/11- Foldables of Colonies   What year and events lead to the discovery of the colonies.

10/12- Map the Thirteen Colonies, Label the names of each colony, name the founder, and Indian tribe in each.

10/13- Quiz over the 13 colonies, Students will be given a map and asked to label the 13 colonies.

Coach Gillispie’s 8th Grade US HISTORY CLASS

All 6 US HISTORY classes are making models of Adobe, Pueblo, Longhouse, Igloo’s for a class project. These projects are being done at home and the research is being done at school. The classes will be displaying their projects in the Middle School Library after the due date. DO NOT FORGET THE PROJECTS ARE DUE ON OCTOBER 9.

Coach Gillispie’s US History Lesson Plans for 9/25-9/29

Monday- Discuss Class Project for each student (over making an Adobe, Pueblo, Igloo, or Longhouse)

Each student will be given instructions over what is expected on each project.

Tuesday- Early Exploration Chapter 3 Lesson 2 How they came to America, Trade Routes, Columbus

Wksht over the routes.

Wednesday- Spain in America Chapter 3 Lesson 3  (Cortes, conquistadors, de la Cruz,)

Travels they made from South America to North America

Thursday- Starting of the 13 Colonies and how they were founded Chapter 3 Lesson 4

Wksht over the 13 Colonies and where were the cities that were founded

Friday- Chapter Overview of Chapter 3

TEKS for the week   2A, 29B, 29c, 30A, 1A, 30D, 1B,

Coach Gillispie’s US History Lesson Plans 9/18-9/22

Monday- Talk about the Explorers that came to America and founded the 13 Colonies.

Discussion (question and answer time)- Where are they from, what are they looking for, How did they get to the colonies.


Tuesday- Going over Chapter 3 Growth of trade, city building, Technology used in the 1500’s

Group Activity- Present an Explorer and his accomplishments.

Wednesday- Chapter 3 Vocabulary builder, Map out routes on a map that the explorers took to America

Talk about what the Explorers encountered as they came  too America.

Thursday- Chapter 3 Lesson 1-4 Ships, Trade Routes, Christopher Columbus, Isabella, Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina,

Why is 1492 so important in history? Sailing around the world.

Going to show several videos of explorers and their encounters.

Friday-Explorer Jeopardy, class will be broken up into teams and go head to head answering questions about vocabulary words, Explorers, what happened on a particular date or year.

Finish out Friday with a video about 15 min long about Christopher Columbus and the Santa Maria.

8th Grade US History Lesson Plans 9/11-9/15

Monday- Vocabulary Board for Chapter 3- Exploring the Americas


Tuesday- Chapter 3 Lesson1 1400-1625 Christopher Columbus

Discuss the traveling routes the early explorers took to come to America

Wednesday- Map activity of Early Explorers

Each student will draw a map and color and label the routes each took to come to the Americas

Thursday- Group Activity Pick an explorer and come up with a way to present his exploration to the class

Friday- Drawing a Viking ship and the compartments in which men were put in for traveling.