Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans for 3/19-3/23


Tuesday- Chapter 12,13,14 Vocabulary Builder

8th Grade Boys Track Meet in Sabine. We will be leaving after 6th period around 2pm. Please make sure to bring snacks and money for concession stand.

Wednesday-Will begin reviewing Benchmark Test, TEKS 3A,4D,5A,C,E Questions containing information in these areas

Thursday- TEKS 6A,E,7C,8B,9A,10A,B,C Questions and answers containing information in these areas

Friday-12D,15B,16B,18A,23A,27B,28B  Review questions and answers containing information in these areas.

Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 3/5-3/9

Monday-Students will be discussing the INVENTIONS that changed the revolutionary business industry in the 1800’s. Students will begin discussing what each invention did during that time and how has it helped in today’s time.

8th Grade Boys will be attending the Spring Hill Track Meet and will be leaving after 6th period.

Tuesday- Classes will be broken up into groups to come up with an invention of today. Each group will do a presentation and present the invention to the class.

Wednesday-Finish Presentations and Start Chapter 12,13,14 Vocabulary Builder Worksheet packets

Thursday- Students will finish Vocabulary Builder Packet

Friday- End the week with several videos over inventions of the past and have students get all work turned in. Last day of 3rd Nine Weeks

TEKS- 8.05E,F,G,8.16B,8.23B


Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans for 2/26-3/2

Monday-Chapter 12,13,14 Vocabulary/academic words each word with a sentence

8th Grade Track Meet in Union Grove-Athletes will be leaving after 6th period.

Tuesday-Students will be finishing up vocabulary and sentences.

Wednesday-Students will be given fill-in-the-blank worksheet to find the missing vocabulary words

Thursday-Attending a workshop on classroom History stations in the classroom.Students will be given a Chapter 12 lesson 1 and 2 worksheet packet.

Friday-Students will be finishing up on Vocabulary and lesson 1 and 2 packets

TEKS 8.04A,8.13B,8.18C,8.22A

Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 2/20-2/23

Monday-Presidents Day-School Holiday

Tuesday-Review Benchmark Test

Wednesday-Chapter 11 Lesson 1 and 2

Thursday- Chapter 11 Lesson 3 and 4

8th Grade Boys and Girls Track Meet in Sabine (Practice Track Meet) All athletes are to travel to and from the track meet unless given early notice of the reason for the athlete to be leaving the meet. A notice from the parent needs to be given to me the day before or the morning of the track meet NOT at the meet. The meets are fast pace and I am all over the place. I will NOT except an athlete just coming up and saying I am leaving. All participants will be given the order of the events they are in so parents can plan when to be at the meet. The meet will start at 3:30 not sure when it will end. This meet is only a practice so it should be earlier than an actual Track Meet. These are Junior High Meets so meals are NOT provided so all athletes will need to bring money for concession stand items or can bring things to put in their travel bag that will be provided. The first full Track Meet will be Monday February 26 in Union Grove it will start at 3:30 and end around 10:00. More information will be given at the end of this week. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

Friday- Chapter 11 Assessment

Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 2/12-2/16

Monday-Chapter 9 and 10 Test

Last 8th Grade Basketball Game White Oak vs Harleton at 6pm, BTeam game after around 7pm

Tuesday-Benchmark 1-5 period MATH,   First Day of Track Practice will be done by 5pm

Wednesday-Benchmark 1-5 period READING

Thursday-Benchmark SS 1,2,4,5,6,7 period

Friday-Group Activities during the period.


Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans 2/5-2/9

Monday- Chapter 9 and 10 Assessment Assignment (1,2,8,9,10,15,16,17,19,20)

Tuesday-Teaching Observation Day- Finding KEY WORDS in questions.

Wednesday- Will start looking at STAR test for Social Studies 8th Grade.

finding keywords, picking out information that is necessary

Thursday-Continue STAR research

Friday- Watch a live video classroom field trip at the National Museum of History over the American Revolution.

8th Grade Boys Basketball Game will be in Ore City on Thursday at 6pm

Coach Gillispie’s Lesson Plans for 1/22-1/26

Letting all students and parents know that Wednesday, January 24 will be a full day of school NOT a half day as scheduled due to having NO school because of snow.

Also, on Thursday, January 25 Middle School Boys Basketball games will be played as 7A-5pm, 8A-6pm, 7&8 intersquad game following the 8th grade game at 7pm.

The class has been studying about the US CONSTITUTION, levels of government, job of the president and the senate.

Monday- Students will be working on Why was the Constitution written?

Students will be given an T or F paper to use to find out the reasoning of the Constitution

Tuesday-Will have classes broken up into three groups. Proposal, Ratification, Amendment

Each group will present their proposed amendment and each group will present to class.

Wednesday- Government and the People-Students will identify Branches of government, How are laws passed?, What it means to be a Citizen in the USA?

Each student will make a Citizenship poster, your duties as a citizen, what will happen if you don’t abide by the laws?, your responsibilities as an citizen, and what can happen if you don’t use these responsibilities.

Thursday-Constitution Day-Students will be given a crossword puzzle to work on in groups.

Friday-Students will be given a US CONSTITUTION quiz over the Amendments.


Coach Gillispie’s US HISTORY Lesson Plans for the week of 1/8-1/12

Monday- Finish up Vocabulary and Sentences

Tuesday-Vocabulary Builder for Chapter 9

Wednesday-Vocabulary Builder for Chapter 10

Thursday-Vocabulary Builder for Chapter 11

Friday- US CONSTITUTION PROJECT-Each student will be broken into groups of 2 or 3 and put into their own words what the Constitution means to them.



8th Grade Boys Basketball

This is a reminder to the athletes on the A-Team that on Saturday, January 13 we will be playing in the Mount Pleasant Chapel Hill Tournament. All players need to be at the Middle School Locker Room no later than 6:45am. The bus will be leaving at 7:15am sharp. Players need to bring money for concession stand items. 8th Grades first game will be at 11:00am in the Main Gym.  If you need anymore information please fill free to send me an email.