8th Grade AH Lesson Plan 8/21-8/25

Monday– Objective: Explore The Document, Declaration of Independence, Preamble, Constitution

TEKS -8.01A,-8.01B

Talk about our found fathers of history, students will be looking up and giving short pieces of facts about their findings.

Tuesday-Objective: Finding information about written documents of history


Groups of three to four, for each group you are to come up with 3 reasons of why your document is important in your life.

Wednesday-Exploration of North America: Objectives:Vikings, European arrivals, Westward movement

TEKS -8.02A,-8.02B

Reading the Exploration of North America passage, and work with a partner on the worksheet (students will be keeping notes while reading over the dates and what event happened during those years)

Thursday-Objective: What do students know about Christopher Columbus

TEKS -8.03

All students should have The Document, and Exploration of North America work turned in TODAY.

Friday-Objective: Study the Explorers of North America

Each student will choose an explorer from this list:  Hudson, Cabot, Cartier, Columbus, da Verrazano, DeLeon, Ericson

In a half of page tell where the explorer is from, the years of his exploration, and what they found.

TEKS 8.01,8.02


8th Grade AH Lesson Plans – Week of 8/17-8/18

Thursday 8/17-Objective: Get to know the students, Class rules, Expectations from each student.

Instruction: Greet students, Back to School Survey, 10 things about you, Take home the second

survey and bring back on Monday.

Friday 8/18- Objective: How to start assignment each day, Talk about Back to School survey, journal entries

Instruction: Set up of journals for each day in class. Begin The Document assignment.

TEKS 8.01A

8th Grade Athletics

Dropping a note for 8th Grade Athletics.  On August 17 and 18(Thursday and Friday) we will spend those two days getting all equipment ready and go over procedures.  We will start football practice on Monday August 21 practice will begin at 3 and end at 5:15. All players need to be picked up by 5:30 at the latest. Get ready for a GREAT YEAR. Get ready to hit hard and show NO FEAR.See all of you Thursday or Monday at meet the teacher.

Coach Gillispie

8th Grade US History /Coach

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